Legal Services

-Reduced fee conferences - Advice in conference for up to 2 hours by telephone, zoom or personal meeting- This entails a review of your papers of up to 1 hour with oral advice for up to another hour. £250- £350 plus VAT upwards. Please note this fee may vary if you have extensive paperwork.

- Settlement agreements to terminate an employment contract. (Fees vary per agreement depending on if extended negotiations are required)

- Representation (Advocacy) in Courts and Tribunals. Depending on the type of hearing the fees will vary. The hearing can be by phone, CVP or Court attendance, from £450 plus VAT upwards depending on venue and time listed for).

- Representation (Advocacy) in internal hearings / meetings. (Up to 2 hours – from £500 plus VAT. Prices will vary if extensive preparation is required.

- Drafting opinions/assessments for claims. Depending on the amount of paperwork from £750 plus VAT upwards.

- Drafting contracts. Depending on the detail from £500 plus VAT upwards

- Drafting policies. Depending on the detail required, from £500 Plus VAT upwards.

- Drafting pleadings/defences, claim forms, documents (various), letters, subject access requests. From £500 plus VAT upwards

- Assisting in drafting witness statements. From £500 upwards.

All other work, please enquire within for a more tailored quote.